The elephant in the room

Yes, there’s an elephant in my studio. Or at least, parts of it. I’m working on a commissioned piece right now and this is the first hours of it. I know my customer loves elephants and I guess she wants it to be elephant looking 😉 Me on the other hand, really want to ge my hands dirty and make something really odd with it. That happens a lot to me, when I’m painting. Maybe it’s natural, sitting in front of Photoshop and Illustrator all days at work, where there’s the option of clicking a button and going back several steps if you are going in a direction that was not as you thought it would be. You don’t really have that option when it comes to painting… or at least, it is not that easy. However, here’s the beginning of the elephant painting and I guess it will be an elephant in the end and I will keep my crazy ideas for the next one. 🙂


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